Q: Are your products baked fresh?
A: All of our products are baked fresh and then frozen immediately to lock in that freshness. This suspends the staling process—so when you thaw at store level, you get just-baked freshness. They’re actually fresh because they’re frozen and are fresher than the “fresh” product made yesterday and delivered today.
Q: What makes your products better than the other guys’?
A: In order to become a Morrisons Pastry bakery product, it must pass our own high quality testing. We feel that if the quality isn’t good enough for us, then it isn’t good enough for our customers. We use the freshest quality ingredients and believe it can’t just taste attractive—it must look attractive. We think people eat with their eyes first and what you see is what you get.
Q: I’m a convenience store operator. How can I get your products?
A: Morrisons Pastry Corp sells through frozen distributors. Since we sell to many distributors nationwide, it’s more than likely your distributor carries Morrisons Pastry products. Oftentimes, they are listed in the frozen section, snack section, or foodservice section of your buying book. If you can’t find them, just give us a call. We would be delighted to help you get Morrisons Pastry products into your stores (718-326-2200).
Q. I am a store owner in the Metropolitan Area, how do I receive your products.
A. Morrisons Pastry has its own trucks delivering fresh product daily. Simply contact Morrisons Pastry Corp (718)-326-2200 and ask about all of our fresh bakery items.
Q: I’m a distributor. How can I get your products?
A: All of our products are frozen, thaw-and-sell products, and our entire line is available direct from Morrisons Pastry. Our direct frozen warehouse/shipping location is Maspeth, NY. Please call for pallet minimums in your area. Simply contact Morrisons Pastry Corp (718) 326-2200.
Q: Are your products kosher?
A: All of our products are kosher.
Q: What’s the shelf life of your products—frozen and/or thawed?
Q: What else makes Morrisons Pastry so special?
A: That’s simple: it’s our people. Morrisons Pastry is a 4 generation family business, which was established in 1953. We take pride in our products, but it’s our people that make things happen. In fact, many have been here since nearly the beginning. We have a unique combination of industry experience, bakery knowledge, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit driving us to be the best. We do whatever it takes to get the job done for you each and every time.